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Index of ../software/windows/* 123 Package(s)
Audio (16) Burn (7) Chat (3) Code (6) Corporate (28)
Design (6) Editor (6) Emulate (6) FTP (3) Office (4)
OS (4) Other (8) Packer (3) Portable (4) Recovery (3)
Security (3) Sourcecode (3) System (7) TV (2) Video(2)
OS-Type: Microsoft Windows XP SP3, 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, 10 +Update, 10 S
OS-Bitrate: 32-Bit (x86), 64-Bit (x64)


Audiograbber v1.83.1 (+Portable) (7.90mb) *
audio-cd ripper with autotag-function
(cdtext - offline & freedb - internet) - x86

Atomix VirtualDJ Pro v7.4.453
(Portable) (27.86mb)
dj mixing - x86

Atomix VirtualDJ 8 Pro Infinity v8.2.3328 (37.30mb) *
dj mixing - x86

Freemake Audio Converter v1.1.0.49 (14.24mb)
audio ripper, converter - x86

Goldwave v5.70 (+Portable) (17.11mb)
audio editor- x86

Goldwave v6.30
(+Portable) (35.49mb) *
audio editor - x64

Gold Wave Editor Pro v10.5.5
audio editor pro - x86

Image-Line Fruity Loops v3.4 (15.38mb)
digital audio workstation - x86

Image-Line FL Studio XXL Producer Edition v6.0.8 (47.24mb)

digital audio workstation - x86

Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition v11.1 Signature Bandle
digital audio workstation - x86

Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition v12.5 (*Magnet-Link) (677.62mb)

digital audio workstation - x86

Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition (Portable) (~mb) *
digital audio workstation - x86

LameEnc v3.99 (547kb)
audio codec - x86

Nullsoft Winamp v2.91 (2.19mb)
music player classic - x86

Nullsoft Winamp Pro v5.666.3516
(12mb) *
music player - x86

QMMP Qt-based Multimedia Player (~mb) *
the new winamp - open-source - x86


CloneDVD 7 Ultimate v7.0.0.15
(Portable) (73mb) *
the best dvd copier, ripper, menu creator,
bypass all copy protections - x86

Daemon Tools Lite v10.3.0.152, Pro v7.1.0.0595, Ultra v2.1.0.0187
(91.03mb) *
mount images - x86

Nero Burning ROM 2017 v18.0.16.0
(Portable) (50.56mb) *
the burning software - lang=de see .ini-file - x86/x64

Nero Burning ROM & Nero Express 2018 v19.1.1005 (Portable) (133.10mb)
the burning software - x86/x64

PowerISO v6.9
mount images - x86/x64


(~mb) *
irc chat program with scripting and settings - x86

mIRC v7.49 (5.91mb)
irc chat program for windows-users - x86

XChat (~mb)
irc chat program with scripting and settings - x86


Borland Delphi Enterprise v7.0
programming language - ide - x86

Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (*Magnet-Link) (23.83gb)
programming language - ide - aio - x86/x64

Microsoft Visual Studio v6.0 Enterprise Edition
programming language - ide  - x86

QB64 for Windows, Linux, MacOSX, Android
(Portable) (~mb) *
programming language - ide - x86

Softany WinCHM Pro v5.1 (6.89mb)
helpfile creator - x86

X-Ways WinHex v19.3
(Portable) (4.62mb) *
disassembler in hex - x86


All-In-One Runtimes
(~mb) *
.net, java se, directx, common runtime files, adobe flash and shockwave -player - x86

(~mb) *
webserver standalone - x86

CMS Made Simple
content management system - x86

DbVisualizer Pro v9.1.10 (69.41mb) *
database manager - x86/x64

Eclipse IDE
(~mb) *
ide for java, c/c++, javascript and php -projects - x86/x64

Java (~mb)
programming language, java runtimes and sdk - x86/x64

MySQL (~mb)
database - x86

OFBiz (~mb) *
e-commerce and enterprise resource planning (erp) software

Oracle (~gb)
database x86/x64

(~mb) *

Perl (~mb)
programming language, perl - x86

PHP (~mb)
programming language, hypertext preprocessor or personal home page tools

PostgreSQL (~mb)
database - x86/x64

PuTTY (~kb)
shell via ssh - x86

Python (~mb)
programming language, python - x86/x64

SAP (~gb)
erp system solutions

Subversion (~mb)
version control for software developers - x86/x64

TeamViewer v11.0.66695 (Portable) (11.62mb)
remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings,
web conferencing and file transfer - x86

TightVNC (~mb)
remote control - x86/x64

Tomcat (~mb)
webserver standalone - x86/x64

(~mb) *
file transfer via ftp/sftp - x86

Wordpress (~mb) *
internetpresence, websites, blogs and online-shops

XAMPP (~mb)
apache-distribution with mariadb, php, perl and addons - x86


Adobe Photoshop 6.0.1
(Portable) (DE) (48.33mb)
image editor - x86

Adobe Photoshop CC 2013 v14 (Portable) (307.53mb)
image editor supports many plugins - x64

Adobe Photoshop CC (Portable) (~mb) *
image editor supports many plugins - x64

Anthropic Technology Portrait Professional Studio v10.9.3
image enhancer for portraits - x86

DAZ 3D Bryce Pro v7.1.0.74 (253.75mb)
3D modeling, rendering and animation program specializing in fractal landscapes - x86

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro v3.5 (Portable) (4.21mb) *
icon editor - x86


Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2018 (*Magnet-Link) (1.19gb)
web editor (WYSIWYG) - x64

Adobe Muse CC 2018 (Portable) (*Mega-NZ) (389.29mb) *
web editor (WYSIWYG) - without coding knowledge - x64

ESComputing EditPlus v4.1.945
(+Portable) (8.20mb)
small text, code -editor with syntax-highlighting - x86/x64

(~mb) *
small text, code -editor with syntax-highlighting - x86

IDM UltraEdit v23.20.0.34
text, code -editor with syntax-highlighting - x86

j.a.n.e. v1.70 (+Portable) (1.04mb)
nfo editor/viewer - x86

Microsoft Web Expression 4 (105.53mb) - x86 *
web editor, free (WYSIWYG)


Commodore 64 - WinVICE v2.4 + 10000 Games
(Portable) (537.32mb)
emulator and games - x86/x64

MSDOS - DOSBox v0.74 + 51 Games
- Config-File-Example (DE) (180.41mb) *
emulator and games - x86

Nintendo 64 - Project 64 v2.2 + 64 Roms
(792.13mb) *
emulator and games - x86

Super Nintendo - ZSNES v1.51 + 276 Roms
(Portable) (190.65mb)
emulator and games - x86

VMware Workstation v12.0.0
emulator supporting many os-types - x86

VMware Workstation Pro v12.5.7 (395.51mb) *
emulator supporting many os-types - x64


FileZilla v3.25.2
(Portable) (6.68mb) *
free ftp-client for windows - x86

OpenSight Software FlashFXP v5.4.0.3970 (+Portable) (19.40mb)
ftp-client for windows - x86

Serv-U FTP Server v15.1.2
ftp server - x86


Adobe Acrobat XI Lite v11.0.6 (Portable) (252.28mb) *
pdf editor - x86

Apache OpenOffice (~mb) *
complete free open source office package, supports msoffice formats - x86/x64

Microsoft Office XP Professional + Frontpage 2002 (DE) (378.92mb)
old office package + wysiwyg html editor - x86

Sumatra PDF (~mb)
fastest pdf reader - x86/x64


Microsoft Windows 10 Pro V16.06.30 (*Magnet-Link) (3.15gb)
the actual microsoft windows 10 pro - x86/x64

Microsoft Windows 10 v16.02.02 AIO with Update (DE) (*Magnet-Link) (6.43gb)
the actual microsoft windows 10 with kms-activator
aio 104in2 - de/en/ru/uk - x86/x64

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (*Magnet-Link) (4.01gb)
the microsoft windows 7 with daz loader v2.2.2.0 as activator - x86/x64

Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate (DE) (*Magnet-Link) (3.87gb)
the microsoft windows 7 - de/el/es - x86/x64


ASCII Art Tools 2007
(Portable) (5.71mb) *
must have to begin ascii art design - x86

Die Rote Liste 2001 (DE) (16.56mb)
old medical library - x86

DUDEN - Das grosse Woerterbuch der deutschen Sprache (DE) (Portable) (47.15mb)
german dictionary - x86

FMS File Date Changer v3.0.8 (734kb) *
change create, access and write time of a file or folder - x86

Google Earth Pro v7.1.2.2041 (Portable) (94.96mb)
like google maps - x86

Infonautics Directory List and Print Pro v3.03 (9.78mb)
List and print directories

NFO Tools Collection
(25.79mb) *
must have to begin your releases, creators and viewers - x86

The New English-German Dictionary v3.7.0.884
(+Portable) (7.65mb)
small english-german dictionary - x86


7-Zip v16.02
(2.36mb) *
7z archive manager - x86/x64

RarLab WinRAR v5.50
(4.10mb) *
rar archive manager - x86/x64

UPX Exe Packer (~kb)
binary compressor for executables - x86/x64


Spoon Virtual Application Studio v11.3.6
(Portable) (61.41mb) *
portable software creator - x86

Turbo Studio Portable v16.0.475 (Portable) (105.03mb)
portable software creator - x86

VMware ThinApp Enterprise v5.1.0.2079447
portable software creator - x86

VMware ThinApp v5.2.2 (16.89mb) *
portable software creator - x86


ILike Android Data Recovery v1.8.8.8
android recovery - x86

R-Tools R-Studio Network v7.7 (64.43mb)
data recovery - x86/x64

Top Password Software - Password Recovery Bandle 2015 v3.5
(36.27mb) *
password recovery - x86


AdwCleaner (Portable) (~mb) *
small but effective remover for adware, potentially andesirable program,
toolbars, hijacker - x86

AVG Internet Security 2017
(298.70mb) *
secure your computer, web, identity, e-mail and firewall - x64

Gilisoft EXE Lock v5.0.0
lock binaries with a password - x86


Microsoft Windows NT v4.0
sourcecode of the old microsoft windows nt - x86

Microsoft Windows 2000
sourcecode of the microsoft windows nt based system - x86

Microsoft Word for Windows v1.1a
sourcecode of the very first microsoft word


AVG PC TuneUp 2016 v16.2
(212.95mb) *
tweaker - x86/x64

Blackbox v0.0.90 for Windows XP + 284 Styles (Portable) (2.90mb)
window manager - x86

Driver Genius v17.0.0.137 Professional (13.21mb)
easy driver search and install for windows 7 or higher - x86

Driver Robot v2.5.4.2
easy driver search and install for windows xp - x86

HWiNFO64 v5.40 (6.52mb)
check your hardware and system information - x64

Sysinternals Suite
(Portable) (12.92mb) *
system utilties - x86

Unix Utilities
(Portable) (3.03mb) *
unix system utilities for windows command-line - x86


Arcsoft TotalMedia v3.5 (164.14mb)
old software -
recieve digital television - x86

the home theater software for many devices - x86/x64


Freemake Video Converter Gold v4.0.4.4 (27.17mb)
dvd ripper, video converter and menu creator - x86

K-Lite Codec Pack (~mb) *
the codecs package - supports many formats - x86/x64


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Total of 123 software-packages

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